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Do You Know When it's Time to Leave a Relationship?

Constant arguing: Disagreeing with your partner is a normal thing in a relationship but the problem comes in when those disagreements turn into arguments. If you find yourself arguing over any and every little thing, that’s a problem. Couples/Adults should be able to agree to disagree without arguing. Although, some people are not equipped with proper communication skills, which is why couples counseling may be a good idea but both parties must be open and willing to get help.  Wanting more time away from your partner: When you find yourself wanting to spend less time with your significant other, that’s a sign something isn’t well in paradise. You may be experiencing personal issues within yourself, but when you feel you...

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Are You a Bag Lady?

Why do women have to carry the load on their back to be considered a good woman, and why do some women feel that it’s normal to carry the load? For so many years so many women have been taught the household is supposed to be run by the man, and women are meant to keep the man happy, whether that be cooking, cleaning, laying on their back at the drop of a dime, bearing children, etc. All while keeping a smile on their face and never complaining. Many women are taught that they are supposed to “take care of their man” and not question anything because if you say anything, you’re challenging your man or being disrespectful, and he...

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