Are You a Bag Lady?

Why do women have to carry the load on their back to be considered a good woman, and why do some women feel that it’s normal to carry the load? For so many years so many women have been taught the household is supposed to be run by the man, and women are meant to keep the man happy, whether that be cooking, cleaning, laying on their back at the drop of a dime, bearing children, etc. All while keeping a smile on their face and never complaining. Many women are taught that they are supposed to “take care of their man” and not question anything because if you say anything, you’re challenging your man or being disrespectful, and he works too hard to deal with that. Sadly, this ideology has been passed down generation after generation making girls and women confused about their role on Earth. Some people will say women being servants to their men is part of human nature and that it goes back thousands of years ago, back when men hunted for food and women prepared it, blah blah blah. But they forget to mention, not just women, but the world has since evolved.

We know better now, so we do better. Women are no longer supposed to be only seen and not heard. Women have become inventors, leaders, doctors, public figures and so many other things. The issue now is that some women make society believe that the women who don’t want to be a maid or servant to their mate, are wrong and aren’t “real women”. Women who believe that women are meant to be a servant to their mate set women back hundreds of years. Sometimes, women do it unknowingly. For example, I’ve seen women work fulltime jobs, go, home cook, take care of kids, etc. all while having a grown man sitting there and not lifting a finger. But for some reason, the woman thinks it’s ok and that it’s normal. Granted, maybe that’s all she knew but at what point do you say enough is enough. Now, if that’s the type of relationship you want to have, great! But for those women confused about what a man should contribute, it should be way more than that. A man should provide stability, support, safety, opportunity, wisdom, and that’s just to name a few.

If you can support yourself why do you need a partner that isn’t bringing growth to you, and sex doesn’t count. It seems that women would rather have a mate to say they have someone, rather than being alone and happy with themselves until the right one comes along, if that’s what they’re looking for. We must do better as women, and we must realize when to let go and do for ourselves. This isn’t to make anyone feel less than if you’re that girl. This is for that woman who may be experiencing a relationship that is not prosperous. Ask yourself this, how would you feel if your daughter was carrying the load for some man? Would you tell her this is what women are supposed to do? Or would you tell her she’s supposed to be treated like a Queen and to leave any situation that she is being treated less than?

Hopefully, you’d choose the latter. In order to set yourself on the right path, you need time for yourself. It’s ok to take a break from dating to get to know thyself, take a break and come back stronger and better than ever. When you learn how to treat yourself and how you want to be treated everyone else will have no choice but to fall in line because they know you won’t tolerate anything less than being treated like the Queen you are!

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